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Providing Comfort to a Loved One in Hospice


The main focus of our Hospice Care in Dallas, Texas is the patient. Their comfort is our top priority at this point in time. When treatment is no longer the viable option, it is important that the patient receives utmost care and comfort and have all of their needs addressed.

Providers of hospice care services are not the only ones who can extend comfort to patients, but their family members can, too! Here are things you can do for your loved ones receiving this type of care:

  • Give massages

    When nearing the winter of one’s lifetime, the body slowly becomes bonier. With the loss of cushion from flesh, bony areas can be quite painful for your loved ones.

    To provide relief from the pain, you can actually massage these areas. Doing so can also help improve circulation. Make sure to check for bumps or wrinkles underneath the bony areas, and inform their doctor or care provider if there are any.

  • Help change their positions frequently

    Your loved ones might be spending a lot of time in bed. They may also have difficulties moving and changing positions on their own.

    Changing their positions frequently, at least every hour or two, can help prevent bedsores from occurring. Extend a helping hand in changing their positions.

  • Keep their bed clean at all times

    A clean bed is definitely comfortable. At times, though, urine may leak onto the sheets. Sheets may also get soiled.

    Make sure to change the beddings and sheets immediately when they get dirty. Also, provide them with pillows, beds, or mattresses that are soft enough for them to comfortably use.

  • Promote good skin care

    In relation to tip #3, you also have to keep their skin clean. Make sure that their skin is dry at all times.

  • Encourage independence

    Being in hospice does not mean the entire loss of independence. Your loved ones can still do certain things. Encourage them to do these things on their own as much as possible. Provide assistance when necessary, especially if their safety can be compromised.

Tips for the Family Caregiver

As a family caregiver, it can be daunting to look after a loved one in need of palliative care in Texas. Make sure to care for yourself, too. If you need assistance in caring for your family member with a terminal illness, Elite Hospice of Texas is ready to help. Call us today!

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