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Choosing the Best Option for End-of-Life Care


Discussion on one’s end of life is something that all families must be ready to make. Where we rest is not something we always get to choose. However, if given the choice, families should consider what type of care is best for the situation. It can be quite difficult to compare all available care options and family caregivers are often tasked with making appropriate arrangements on time.

In the end, it is always your loved one’s preference that must be prioritized. It can be very challenging for family members to assist with these decisions, so enlisting the help of advance care planning is critical. Proper planning helps medical professionals accurately interpret and execute your loved one’s wishes well.

So, what are the available options for you and your loved one? Let’s provide some for you.

  • Hospice Care Services

    According to Aging Care, “Hospice is appropriate for terminal patients who no longer wish to receive life-extending treatment or whose illness is no longer responding to medical attempts to slow or cure it.”

  • Palliative Care

    This is provided to patients with severe illnesses requiring pain relief and symptom management. Not to be confused with hospice care, palliative care in Texas is only offered to patients with a longer life expectancy.

  • Home-Based Care
    With this care, patients can remain at home instead of in an unfamiliar setting like a hospital. Home-based care can be customized for each patient while providing more control over their daily activities and environment.

There is more to end-of-life discussion than just bishop hospice and palliative care. To better understand this topic, it is best to partner with professionals. Elite Hospice Of Texas, a provider of hospice care in Dallas, Texas, is more than glad to help you.

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