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5 Tips: Showing Emotional Support to a Terminally Ill Loved One

5 Tips Showing Emotional Support to a Terminally Ill Loved One

The thought of a loved one in their winter time can provide emotional turbulence to the immediate family members. But as much as this could be devastating to you, you can imagine how it must feel to the actual person concerned. In times like this, your support as their loved one should remain steadfast above all the stormy seas. How can you cope emotionally in these trying times? As a provider of Hospice Care in Dallas, Texas, allow us to share the following recommendations:

  1. Validation

    Your loved one may openly express their fears of the afterlife. They may have talked with you about their uncertainties of the dark future. Validate their fears. Don’t pronounce judgments or rebuke. Recognize with your loved one that those kinds of fears are real and valid for their situation. By validating, you’re also empowering them for the inevitable end journey.

  2. Coping strategies

    The emotional turmoil in being with a terminally ill loved one is overwhelming to the patient and their immediate families. When your loved shares their emotional struggles with you, encourage them to channel the feelings proactively. They can write a poem or in a journal, listen to relaxing music, or meditate. These strategies have been found to create a therapeutic element in the patient’s feelings.

  3. Spiritual counselor

    The emotional struggles can also be brought upon by spiritual issues that the patient may have been dealing with. Encourage them to talk with a spiritual counselor or chaplain. These professionals can assist your loved one in recognizing spiritual truths. Providers of hospice care services can also refer you to spiritual counselors among their team.

  4. Listen

    At times, your loved one will raise many life-important questions that you are so burdened to answer. When you feel like you’re at a loss for words, that’s alright. It’s even commendable for you to be honest about your lack of knowledge to their questions as this will give them the opportunity to reflect. But even so, affirm your constant presence to listen with acceptance and without judgment.

  5. Restrain emotions

    As their family member, you would also be emotionally affected when they cry and struggle with their physical conditions. Strive to restrain your emotions at least in your loved one’s presence. Your grief might make them feel like they’re a burden to you. Instead, share your emotions with other trusted family members or significant relationships.

At Elite Hospice of Texas, we grieve with you in this time of crisis. We have seen the struggles of treatments, losses, and trauma, and yet, at the end of it all we can say that you can always choose to have a beautiful ending. As providers of palliative care in Texas, we strive to provide comfort in the lives of terminally ill patients so that they can continue to have quality life. Let us assist in the care needs of your loved ones so you can focus on celebrating life every passing day. And that, friend, is what coping really is all about.

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