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Qualified Hospice Aides

Hospice aides are healthcare professionals who provide personal care assistance in a hospice care setting.

With the supervision of a registered nurse, a hospice aide caters personal care, such as bathing and transferring. An aide is also a compassionate person who can give comfort care for individuals with terminal illness. At Elite Hospice of Texas, we make sure that our hospice aides are qualified care providers who can meet the standard of quality hospice care.

A hospice aide can do a wide range of services, such as:

Changing bed Linens
A patient's bed
Assitance with Ambulation
A woman is getting assistance on walking
Assisting with Transportation
A nurse assisting a man on a wheel chair
Meal Preparation
A nurse preparing meal for her patient
Monitoring Vital Signs
A nurse monitoring her patient's vital signs
Assistance with Exercise
A man getting assistance on exercising
Bedside Visits (listening, writing letters, reading)
A nurse taking care of a woman on a bed
Bathing: Bed bath, Tub bath,Shower
A nurse assisting a woman taking a bath
Grooming and dressing (care of hair, make-up)
A nurse grooming her patient